Love is about giving of yourself and putting the needs of others before your own.  We aren't just located in this community, we love this community and we are part of this community.

Love Easter Egg Drop

This is our third year for the Easter Egg Drop.  Its about giving to the community we are a part of.  Thousands of people will come onto our campus and it gives us an opportunity to be part of the lives of those who may not visit on a Sunday morning.

Love Wednesdays

Love Wednesdays is about taking care of Wednesdays for families in our community.  We launched a 10 week pilot program in March 2017 by partnering with a local elementary school and will have a community wide launch in the Fall of 2017.  We provide a great dinner for the family, provide tutoring, homework help, music classes, and adult classes. The pilot program adult classes are Beginning ESL, Advanced ESL, and D.I.Y. Craft classes.  In the fall, we will add additional classes for adults including, Celebrate Recovery, Beginning Computer, Parenting for Grandparents, and others.

Love Christmas

Love Christmas is expressed through our Living Nativity.  Families can walk through the story of Jesus' birth from the angel's announcement to his birth in the manger.